2D and 3D Historical Video Mapping - Celebrating 870 years of the town of Nepomuk
2D and 3D Historical Video Mapping - Tisnov 780 Years
2D Historical Video Mapping - 750 years of the Dubné village
2D Video Mapping BVLGARI - 130 years
3D Art Video Mapping - Imaginácie, Košice (SK)
3D Dance Stage Videomapping - Robert Bosch
3D Historical Projection Mapping - Hradec Králové
3D Vertical Video Mapping Show - Plzeň Plaza (KLEPIERRE)
3D Video Mapping – Festive Opening of Florentinum - Penta, Prague
3x Water Screen Projection - Velka Pardubicka Steeplechase
4D Projection Mapping show - Abbott, Prague
4D Stage Mapping - Christmas Party, SaSaZu, Prague
Balloon Sphere Projection - Plzeň Plaza (Pilsen)
Christmas Projection - Trutnov
Historical Projection Mapping - Monastery Chotesov
Ice Video Mapping - Channel One Cup, Prague
Indoor Product Mapping - Manner
Indoor Product Mapping - Standox, Sacre Coeur, Prague
Multimedia Water Stage Show - Plzeň Plaza
Product Mapping - Launch of Samsung Galaxy S6
Projection Mapping - Karlovy Vary
Stage Design Mapping - Arkády Gravity Festival
Stage Design Mapping - Frisco Night
Stage Design Mapping - Porsche Macan Launch Party
Tour Projection Mapping
Water Screen Projection - Budweis Majáles (Open-air festival)
Water Screen Projection – 16th Peasant Festivities, Holasovice
Water Screen Projection – Town Festivities in Kamenice nad Lipou
Water Show - Karlovy Vary

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